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Dirtbag (Crystal Beat Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 6, 2005 @ 4:19 AM
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After a terminal hard drive crash I had to rebuild my “studio”, and while seeking for some plugins I had earlier, I stumbled into synth1. It’s amazing, flexible and currently my favourite synth plugin. There are 5 instances of synth1 in this mix.

…no distorted vocals, none of the drum loops is reversed and bass is not too loud (I hope)…

Contents of ZIP Archive: synths

  • /dirtbag-synths/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-CrystalBeat-64.mp3 (937.96Kb)
  • /dirtbag-synths/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-Strings-112.mp3 (1.03Mb)
  • /dirtbag-synths/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-Synth1(1)Beats-48.mp3 (703.47Kb)
  • /dirtbag-synths/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-TriangleIIBeatExtreme-8.mp3 (117.55Kb)
  • /dirtbag-synths/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-TriangleIIBeatIntro-32.mp3 (468.98Kb)
  • /dirtbag-synths/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-TriangleIIBeatPlain-8.mp3 (117.55Kb)
  • /dirtbag-synths/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-TriangleIIBeatPlainFill-4.mp3 (58.78Kb)
  • /dirtbag-synths/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-SynthFx-DistortionSwell-32.mp3 (473.11Kb)
  • /dirtbag-synths/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-SynthFx-FeedbackSwell-20.mp3 (297.39Kb)

Contents of ZIP Archive: synths-vocalic

  • /dirtbag-synths-vocalic/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-Synth1(2)Vocalic-320.mp3 (3.05Mb)

Contents of ZIP Archive: synths-mansonic

  • /dirtbag-synths-mansonic/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-MansonicIntro-64.mp3 (624.90Kb)
  • /dirtbag-synths-mansonic/96-Aamu-Dirtbag-Synth-MansonicSolo-176.mp3 (1.68Mb)

"Dirtbag (Crystal Beat Mix)"
by Aamu

2005 - Licensed under
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