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Love and Equality

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There is a first for everything, and this is my first time writing a song. I only wish I could sing it…

((Lyrics in brackets are Donnie Ozone’s))

Love and Equality
by Murray Studer
100bpm, key of G

Nobody is born a racist
It’s something that we learned.
From our older generations,
In our minds it gets burned.

Inequality is rampant,
From your colour or your genders.
If you’re poor, you’re getting poorer.
They ride our ass, the 1 percenters.

Men and women must be equal
The human equation is a prequel
Black and white are a sequel
Racism should be illegal

We are all allowed our pride
Black, white, gay and straight
How many have to die
Before we can all relate?

There is too much hate and fear
We need to change our minds.
For all that we hold dear,
It is our love that shines.

((Your ignorant assumptions are way too basic
They’ve all evolved from a fictitious basis
I think it’s time to take a break and replace this
Kool G Rap said we’ve got to erase this
Fear is a phantom every man is faced with
But too many minds are still basically racist
I think it’s time that we finally face this
Too many innocent lives have been wasted on))

(Chorus X2)

The first thing for you to think about
Is how you want to be treated.
And share that love with everyone
So inequality is finally defeated.

((What about self-segregation
This is a mind-set that evil is based in
Some people claim those other people just hate them
In turn they fear and then they want to erase them
What if we give the whole next generation
A chance at peace through true education
Based on facts to build up relations
Create understanding and stop the degradation))


((If you’re a bigot then I just have to laugh at ya
‘Cause I can trace your DNA back to Africa
That means that every single man is an African
So every single man can call it the Mother Land
That means your brother in an Islamic Nation
Lives next door to your cousin who’s Asian
Look - even racists have non-racist grandsons
If you’re against racism this is the anthem called))

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"Love and Equality"
by Whitewolf

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