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Born Today

uploaded: Tue, Aug 25, 2009 @ 8:23 PM
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Uhhm, This is not what I was expecting. :(

I chopped up all the samples I wanted from Remaxim, and had a general remix outline, but then I unexpectedly Stayed for the weekend at my boys house :) then the weekend bled into the week and I didn’t have my origional mix so I had to come up with it today!! I will still submit my other electro remix of remaxim, but I had to put this together for the timeline :P
And It was my first time using Garage band!! I hate macs :\ I had to get a quick crash course in it, and played around using born already as a base.

I’m kind of disappointed this had to be submitted instead of my other ubermixdown of remaxim :P but its will have to come later…

Mea Culpa, C’est la vie :)

PS Remaxim, Where are all your Piano remixes?!?! The 4 sample piano songs you put up were actually really good!! :)

"Born Today"
by Vidian

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