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No Cowards or Freaks Here, Mate! (Acappella)

uploaded: Sat, Jun 25, 2011 @ 6:04 AM
FeaturingStephen Wilson
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I must first make clear that I am a Veteran (RAF) but did not incur any injuries during my period of service. Prior to releasing this track I did seek the views of a currently serving member of the British Army James Dinsdale (of http://www.british-veterans... has substantial injuries and he was happy for “No Cowards or Freaks Here, Mate!” to be released. My voice is not particularly great and someone else may vastly improve the meaning behind the words, which you will find below.

This was written in anger after reading a poem called “Coward” by “an ex officer” ((British) which you can read here: http://www.warpoetry.co.uk/...

What is a normal person? Just because someone look perfect does not mean they are? Disfigurement whether of the mind or body should not determine how someone is treated. And Veterans who have been to war, or not, must be treated with respect no matter their country of origin after all they are sent into battle to do our bidding.


No Cowards or Freaks Here, Mate! by Stephen Wilson

Look at me! What do you see? A coward, a freak or some other such entity?

What’s changed? Is it me or is it you? Or do you not look that deep within you?

Is it the lack of an arm or leg, the contorted face or confused mind which makes you recoil in horror?

Do you not see the individual within, the human being, the former military man?

Why do you cross to the other side of the street rather than pass me and say good day?

Do I scare you that much, or are you hiding your embarrassment?

Why do you point me out to your children like some Edwardian freak show?

Are you telling them my war stories and why I am the way I am?

Why do you permit your children to call me names, have you no shame?

It’s me! A person as much like you, only different!

You show your ignorance in many ways, a vestige of World War one.

When people were ignorant to battle scars of the mind.

It was popular then to hand out white feathers and call such Veterans names like coward.

It’s called “Shell-Shock” or “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” so use the correct terminology, it’s polite.

Have you not learned anything after all those past wars? Have you not learned from your own family members who suffered as I do?

War creates a new person, each stronger and better but in a different way.

I defy anyone to live through our experiences and not be effected in any way!

As a society we should be embarrassed by our actions. .

Each of us should bow our heads in shame?

Our military must be held in the highest esteem if we expect them to do our bidding.

What right have we to expect them to make the ultimate sacrifice but condemn them for their injuries no matter how they manifest themselves.

Look back to ancient times when battle scars were a badge of honour and be proud of our achievements.

From within I remain the same. My heart is with my family, comrades and countrymen.

I’m going to hold my head up high with pride not shame knowing full well I gave my all.

I expect nothing except recognition for what I have done.

I want nothing but what I am due.

Please remember there are No Cowards or Freaks here, Mate! Just an individual, different but like you.

"No Cowards or Freaks Here, Mate! (Acappella)"
by Togora

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