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One law one land one throne

uploaded: Sat, Aug 2, 2014 @ 5:02 AM
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As a musician I feel honour bound to uphold the traditions of the great protest singers of our times and use my music to convey a deeper message.

The events in Gaza were brought home to me last night as I watched the news when a man holding his young son was stopped on the road by a TV reporter whilst leaving his home because of the bombing. During the brief interview he asked of the reporter what answers he could give to his child on what was happening. The reporter remained silent.

The title of the song comes from the writings of the great Rudyard Kipling who himself was a protester but only with the pen.

The piano is from the midi file supplied by Admiral Bob and played on a New York Style piano in Kontakt

One law one land one throne

Too many questions you have my child
Do you think I’m a clever man walking this road
You lean on me like I am made of stone
But its sad to tell you I’m just flesh and bone

I have no answers to take fear from your eyes
I have no solution to take you home
I can only tell you what they say
One law one land one throne

Inside the city walls where the ancient books were found
Must be the answer to our crimes
We must have upset someone in a higher place
Otherwise surely we’d be fine

Too many questions you have my child
But who can blame you for wanting to know
And the only answer I can give you
Is one law one land one throne

"One law one land one throne"
by Shelflife

2014 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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