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Thank You!

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Thanking some of those who contributed $25 or more during ccMixter’s first fundraiser:

@nop, Admiral Bob, Alesia McManus, Braam Nel, Carla J Bloch, Deeplastick, Clarence Soimpson, Debbizo, Manny Arquette, Eric Sauve, Frank Somer, Gershon Sharanga, go1dfish, Copperhead, Gurdonark, HigherandAbove, Ivan Chew, Jai Rangantathan Jeris, Patronski, urmymuse, spinmeister, My Free Mickey, Fourstones

If you don’t hear your name in here, check out Snowflake and Kara Square’s thank yous — there were so many generous donors, that we split the list between us. (You can see the entire list of donors here.)

The breadth of support for ccMixter during the fundraiser is inspiring. I look forward to what we will do next as a community.

Thanks to Duckett too for this groovy music!

And apologies for the delay in getting this recorded and uploaded. (I was sick and unable to record for a couple of weeks.)

"Thank You!"
by SackJo22

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