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Sorry about the timing on the vocals…not my strong point I`m afraid.

I`ll post a dry version as well!!

Born in the Lowlands, half a mile away the river twists and turns.
To live and die there we believed was Gods plan
And the days slipped away like grains of sand

Building bridges, companions I grew up with in my hometown.
We all had dreams to wed and settle down
And the choices that we made back then were easy.

Sunday morning, After Church I`d go walking with my friends
We thought those days of youth would never end
Times of innocence we`d never see again

Then the war came, we marched away to fight in our Country`s name
And the young hearts we once wore upon our sleeves
We’re filled with pride for what we believed

Crossing bridges, The echo of the rifles in our ears
We were only boys and filled with fear
Some will lie in the fields of a foreign land

What can we say , to a Father who`s heart is wracked with pain
To the Mothers who wont see her son again,
The ones who signed that Friday only one came home

I left the Lowlands , I walked away from everything that I had planned
No more secrets or sins I want to tell
I lost my faith on the road to Hell.
Burning bridges , the river still sparkles in the sun.
The cornfields in July before the summers gone
And the people who love and care about the land
In the darkness I see faces of comrades proud and strong
The eyes of friends who`ll stay forever young.
The Gods of war have had their victory

by Riobravo

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