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Walts Tears

uploaded: Sun, Jun 12, 2022 @ 6:16 AM
FeaturingCrazyLittleAsian & Shane Beales
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Walt Disney refused to make any film that could not be shown to the whole family and so it was until he passed away. Sadly the world of avarice and greed arrived at Disney’s door and the world changed. Not only did they move into adult content but they started making R rated programmes.

Times change but as they do we are often left losing values that have led us through the centuries and made us the people we are

Hey Walt what have they done to you
Thrown away your magic left you abused
And now it seems everything is confused
It’s getting hard to look Mickey in the eye

Snow White is crying seven dwarfs are down and sad
Pinocchio’s convinced its just a lie can’t be so bad
He’s still looking forward to when Cinderella gets her slipper back
And Dumbo learns to fly like magic

Bambi’s only just getting over his great loss
And now he finds himself surrounded by expletives easily tossed
Onto the screen where once he danced on the ice and the frost
He’s gonna have to grow up quick and get a thick skin

Peter Pan is flying but he thinks the time has come
When he finally needs to grow up and stop having so much fun
And Wendy might become a totally different person
With her morals seriously challenged

The Lady and the tramp are assesing their values
As Pamela and Tommy spend most time in the nude
It’s a worry and a challege that leaves them both confused
And Davy Crockett says he ought to shoot them

With all that’s going on Sleeping Beauty still feels fine
But when she wakes and sees it all she’ll surely start to pine
For another bite of the apple to keep it out of mind
The mirror never told her this might happen

"Walts Tears"
by Radioontheshelf

2022 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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