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The Twenty Pence Opera

uploaded: Sun, Jun 5, 2022 @ 1:09 AM
FeaturingMartin, The Lovely Ladies & Growly Geoff
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The Twenty Pence Opera

In August 1928 Bertolt Brecht collaborating with the composer Kurt Weill gave the Threepenny Opera to the people of Berlin. The most famous song from the opera was Mack The Knife made even more popular by the version covered by the late great Bobby Darin. The song was not in the original score and was hastily composed when the actor playing the part of Macheath refused to perform if he did not have a great song to open the show with. Once again the Hand Of Fate stepped in to deliver the goods.

Thanks to Martin for starting this offering with his great spoken words. I could not resist a bit of overacting as I wander vocally past Bowie and Anthony Newley!!

The girl was special a beauty queen
Her picture in the papers with the man of her dreams
But he left her for another who was just sixteen
And it took her down the road to heartache

When the going got tough she packed her bags and left
Headed for the city where she hoped to be blessed
With a little stardust and a lot of kindness
But somehow her dreams got shattered

She took to hard drugs sold her body for cash
Found herself in squalor there was no going back
And when she met a man in a leathercoat
She seccumbed to his words
They offered her hope

But he beat her and abused her
Threw her out on the streets
Where she died of her injuries
Her work incomplete

And now he walks around the town
Self absorbed his feelings drowned
In cold regrets and colder thoughts
He dwells upon them as he walks

"The Twenty Pence Opera"
by Radioontheshelf

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