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An Easter Story

uploaded: Sat, Mar 6, 2021 @ 9:13 AM
FeaturingJavolenus and a bit of Mary
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I am not a religious man, though as I get older I do sometimes reflect on what might be out there waiting for us.

Another tasty gem from Javolenus started it all. I had intended to fill the mix out more but felt the simpler road was a better one to take

When God gave dreams to Jesus he laid them on his lips
Saying go forth and teach the people their dangerous lives to live
But Jesus said I’m just a man some say I’m still a boy
I need to wait for your guidance or I will be destroyed

I have no firm direction only words that still feel cold
You should have done the work yourself though you are very old
But as with fathers everywhere the child must concede the ground
And Jesus left his fathers house for supper in the town

But in the garden of Gethsemane where all had come to pray
Jesus stood alone and cold and begged for better days
And as he asked to be relieved of the burdens he saw clear
He felt the kiss of Judas and the silence in his ears

Now kings must make the final choice of freedom or the cross
And Pilate finding nothing wrong sent Jesus to Herod
But Jesus kept his silence so Herod sent him home
Where Pilate fearing mass revolt condemned him from his throne

So they took him up to calvary a place of ill renown
Where hammers nailed the message home no tolerance would be found
And Judas he was swinging from a tree outside the town
When Jesus came back one more time to lay the message down

Now fathers know their children and the consequences are clear
If you stand up for freedom words often fall on deaf ears
And though the pain had left him and his scars had almost healed
Jesus still asked his father why did you desert me what does that mean

"An Easter Story"
by Radioontheshelf

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