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The Indignities of Trigger

uploaded: Sat, May 25, 2019 @ 2:20 AM
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I liked it when cowboys didn’t bleed when they were shot. I liked it when their clothes never got dirty no matter how dusty the terrain. I liked it when every one had a sharp razor and were always clean shaved.

But most of all I loved my heroes. So when I read that Roy Rodgers had house trained Trigger and after he had died had him stuffed and put on show I was greatly saddened

Oh the day they house trained trigger was the day the magic died
I’d only just forgiven Roy for making Dale his bride
When I found out I was saddened brought a tear to my eye
How could they take away the joy a horse feels when it craps inside

Give me one good reason why I should watch the show
Give me two good feelings now this secret I know
Give me hope there can still be recovery from this blow
I wanna keep on watching but I’m not sure

I wanted to be Dusty I was envious for sure
To live beside my hero would be something I’d adore
But now I’m torn and confused maybe he broke the law
Perhaps they can reverse it lets hope that there’s a cure

Much later as a young man I heard that Trigger died
But they treated him so badly his end undignified
Roy had called the taxidemist told him this was not a lie
He wanted Trigger stuffed, God had the man no pride

"The Indignities of Trigger"
by Radioontheshelf

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