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Somewhere Someones Waiting

uploaded: Sat, Mar 9, 2019 @ 4:29 AM
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Sometimes I like to rage against the dying of the light. Its good for the soul if not the solution

I was never one to consider that the answer to mans worldly problems was to reach out to the stars. If we continue the way we are I might have to reconsider that! Not that I will have need of it or so I believe but it may take on a more serious tone for those that follow. Elon Musk having electrified us with his Tesla is now giving out tickets for the ride of a lifetime and with the successful return of his spaceship there will be no stopping him. Thats unless we run out of fuel in the meantime!

Nice bit of music from Imunar with those stems still well hidden!!

I do not normally use expletives in my songs but the one I have used here seemed necessary

I’m giving up on this world its tired contradictions its busted stratagies
I’m looking out at constellations maybe just abberations but maybe possibilities
The politicians fight to answer the cause of verbal cancer that mitigates their greed
Elons building ships to travel where others once unravelled the lunar mysteries

You and I who once were trusting just watch the machine rusting so painful to percieve
We once thought we could delay it but instead we’ve overplayed it its brought us to our knees
The answer is no longer simple the world once just a pimple is now the fattest boil
We have to tiptoe round the edges afraid we might upset it nothing to ease our toils

Oh Jesus nor Mohammad ever planned this Bhudda never gave it weight
Dead sea scrolls had no answers what were the chances we’d wreck this perfect place

Someones planting trees to salvage something out of this madness but the ground still bleeds
We’ve built a world around a smart phone created contacts that are not known we only know them on the screen
But so many still need feeding so many are still needing the basic things that help us breath
How can we be so callous and cut ourselves in the process why is it so hard to see

When the strongest have been brought down and the weakest have left our towns and the grass no longer green
Will we blame it on another some crazy lazy fucker who never had a dream

What is our dream
What now is our dream

"Somewhere Someones Waiting"
by Radioontheshelf

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