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The Messengers

uploaded: Sat, Jan 5, 2019 @ 6:38 AM
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When marriages fail the battlefield of recriminations appears and the combatants use all means at their disposal to attack and manipulate the situation. Children become messengers carrying the weight of their parents words and in doing so become emotionally involved and ultimately scarred as the process of divorce runs its course.

These songs are my way of exorcising the devils but no words of apology will ever remove the stain we put on those we love the most.

Go tell your mother that your fathers in the garden
I want to talk with her before I leave town
And tell her I promise to speak low and gentle
My days of aggression have all been put down

And if she delays and says she’s not coming
Remind her of how once I was all that she’d need
For I only want now to put the past behind us
No need for bad words no need to bleed

In the silence we built up I screamed for acceptence
A few words of kindness would sharpen my love
But she had accepted the road to freedom
And I was the outsider looking down from above

So show her the photos we took in Kilkenny
When she was a showgirl and I was still young
Tell her to listen for I just might start singing
Girl from the North Country from a man always on the run

I know its hard for you to play the messenger
Its not what you ever wanted and its sure as hell not what you need
But without you I’m lost and there will be no contact
Your father will wither and never be free

Now the house it is quiet the windows are closed
Theres no sign of movement no voices are heard
My children are silenced my wife cold defiant
It looks like again there will be no words

"The Messengers"
by Radioontheshelf

2019 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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