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Tracing My Steps

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In 2017 USA Today voted Nils Benton Harbour the 5th worst place to live in America if you were a black American. Erie in Pennsylvania was number one.

In 1838, 272 men, women and children were sold by the Maryland Jesuits; a portion of the proceeds was used to pay the debts of Georgetown College (now Georgetown University), also run by the Jesuits. The enslaved people had lived on plantations belonging to the Jesuits in Maryland, and they were sold to Henry Johnson and Jesse Batey. $17,000 (equivalent to $390,681 in 2017) from the sale was used for the Georgetown College debts.

No matter how much we try to address the evils in society the monsters will always find new disguises to wear.

We are after all only human.

When the absolute beginners came to Georgetown
They were wearing Harris Tweed and pork pie hats
They would slit your throat and throw you in the gutter
Its all you can expect from men like that

On the busses bound for Nils Benton Harbour
The ladies wear perfume to scar your nose
And the only way to reach them is to scare them
But of that you know little I suppose

Its a magical and mystical performance
As you perambulate right down the road
With your pockets full of stardust and perfection
And Jesus on your side and in your soul

She had rings on every finger and ten bracelets
Some touched with powers given by a sage
He had contemplated giving her his wristwatch
For time for him had long since gone its way

In the backstreets of the city he would shuffle
Spinning on his heels and chewing beef
He had promised her he’d be a vegetarian
But he could not control his need for meat

Some say she left the streets for greater glory
But others said that she was big with child
Whatever was the truth it did not matter
He would hunt her down and cut her with his smile

The last time he was seen was by the pawn shop
He’d traded two gold teeth for a sack of corn
And he would plant it on the outskirts of the city
As a warning that he would someday return

It is said he never found her and he’s still looking
It is said he searches rivers for some sign
But the truth is that he caught her down in Georgetown
With a Spaniard who had left his wife behind

"Tracing My Steps"
by Radioontheshelf

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