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Break It Down Son (SecretMix)

uploaded: Sun, Oct 1, 2006 @ 12:04 PM
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Break it down son, Shagrugge breaks it down to the minimal for you, I lay down the madness, the Splice Madness! (Whoo-ha, SecretMixter.) All BPMs within are fictional, any resemblence to any actual or living BPMs is purely coincidence.

I used four other sample sources by Shagrugge laying about in my sample library. 60Hz Bass Sine Wave, Sowumapoem, Appalachia, “A commentary on socially acceptable artforms” and Oscillation (all by Shagrugge) also sampled for this track.

Note: The “pizz” and “guitar” sounds are actually short vocal samples mangled by sampler and FX.

Uploaded repolished remix (fixed clicks). Uploaded instrumental version. Vox pack samples from Down to the Minimal. “Guitar” pack samples from Sowumapoem by Shagrugge. Drum pack created by PorchCat.

Contents of ZIP Archive: "Break it down son" vox

  • /Break It Down Son 001.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /Break It Down Son 002.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /Break It Down Son 003.mp3 (55.23KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Hard Synth/Guitar loops

  • /BreakItDown Synth 007.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Synth 008.mp3 (59.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Synth 009.mp3 (59.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Synth 001.mp3 (59.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Synth 002.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Synth 003.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Synth 004.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Synth 005.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Synth 006.mp3 (55.23KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Main drum loops

  • /BreakItDown Drums 007.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Drums 001.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Drums 002.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Drums 003.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Drums 004.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Drums 005.mp3 (55.23KB)
  • /BreakItDown Drums 006.mp3 (55.23KB)

"Break It Down Son (SecretMix)"
by PorchCat

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