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King Richard's Blues (Same Old Scar)

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Joining a host of others doin’ this track to death. I needed two extra verses, so it’s not only slow, it’s long. Lyrics are about as pretty as a scar, too. Thanks, AB, for the excuse!
It’s been a long day, baby,
Though it comes around each year,
And it’s been a long time, baby,
But this day still comes each year:
The day one May you took my soul
And sliced it ear to ear.

You bled me out and tossed me
Like a dog a pair of shoes
And told me it was you or
My own life I’d have to choose.
I could die upon your altar
Or crawl home to sing the blues.

You know they say they found King Richard
Buried underneath a car.
They knew him by his twisted spine
Under all the dirt and tar.
Well, when I’m dead and scattered
Friends will tell me by the scar.

It’s been a long time, baby,
And that scar’s got hard to find.
Most days I think it’s all healed up,
But then it itches in my mind
And on sleepless nights reminds me
Of the dreams I left behind.

It’s been a long time, baby,
Since I had a dream to lose.
Yeah, it’s been a long time, baby,
Since I’ve had a life to choose.
It’s been a year or two of Sundays
Since you made me sing the blues.

"King Richard's Blues (Same Old Scar)"
by Mr_Yesterday

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