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The Key (Like a Freight Train Remix)

uploaded: Wed, Dec 21, 2011 @ 1:55 PM
byMark Mosher
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When I first heard Snwoflake’s “The Key” on CCMixter, I was really moved by the wonderful vocal performance and the powerful lyrics. I came up with an idea for a remix that would add something very different musically and sonically, yet at the same time amplify the emotional tone and power of the original vocal and piano stems.

I broke the song into scenes.

(00:00) Scene 1: Hate
I use only the Vocals from the original stems. The opening line - “Your hate moves like a freight train, steady with a heavy weight Barreling down for many years” is just fantastic and drove me to come up with a way to embody hate as a pulsing relentless driving sound that reacts to the intensity of the narrative. In so doing I take a very beautiful melody and transform and make it haunting. There is intentional harshness and clipping in the elements I composed, synthesized and performed. I use extreme panning and spatial effects on the vox as well.

(1:00) Scene 2: Line in the Sand
Beat driven with some swelling pads. The beats set you up for to offer contrast for the next secne.

(1:27) Scene 4: The Innocent Say
I let the wonderful vocals carry through this section and only add spatial effects.

(1:45) Scene 3: Maybe You’ll Learn
Hate raises it’s ugly head again as I return to a variation of my opening motif.

(2:12) Scene 5: Set Yourself Free
I use piano and vocals from the original stems. I added some strings and lots of space manipulation to amplify the emotion. You HAVE to use headphones to appreciate all the work :^)

(2:33) Scene 6: Only You Hold the Key
I process the piano stems, added some strings, and continue to work the space to offer an emotional conclusion.

(3:56) Scene 7: Epilogue
Piano from original stems with space and I added cello for the last word.

Note I finished this remix in June and wasn’t sure I liked it. I felt it might be too sparse and harsh. I decided to let it sit on the shelf and come back with fresh ears. After listening again, I decided to trust my original instinct and release the song as mixed in June. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Emily Richards (aka Snowflake) for composing such a wonderful song and sharing on CCMixter so we could remix.

"The Key (Like a Freight Train Remix)"
by Mark Mosher

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