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Welcome To Quarkstar

uploaded: Sun, Nov 15, 2015 @ 5:49 AM
FeaturingPilot J Sorn , Igoto Wikes, The Citizens of Quarkstar
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In 2907, a rogue trading ship accidently releases a contaminated organism onto Quarkstar a colonised planet at Vector 146 in the Perridion galaxy.The microorganism infects crops with catastrophic implications in the south Laninx delta , a region where the planets only food supplies are genetically farmed.

After months of trying to eradicate and combat the virus a scientist Igoto Wickes, believes that the only cure that can be made is by harvesting from the source. Through analysis of the organism and interrogation with the traders he believes only one other planet in the system known as UA-25 that they have visited is capable of forming such a variant of this genetic code. He leaves for a mission that will take a full year knowing that he may never find an answer. But he does.

However after 10 months away and two months in space, trying to get back home, he finally reaches radio signal proximity to the Quark galaxy and is told that food supplies are nearly gone and the situation is critical.

Quarstarians are leaving the planet in hope of finding a new home. Pilot J.Sorn of their ship Juliet, a Carillion4 transporter, announces that they are only 4 minutes from home and prepares for a landing.

Does Wickes have the answer, will there be enough time to find a fix, and if so is it all too late. Welcome to Quarkstar.

"Welcome To Quarkstar"
by Loveshadow

2015 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

As the capsule breaks free of earth’s gravity… feel free to turn your Sennies up to +3db and… GET OFF!!!



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