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The Little Things

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The Little Things.

Now the Summer’s gone
And December’s here
And you’re looking back
At all the things you’ve done this year
And it’s cold outside
‘Say it’s going to snow
So be thankfull that you’ve somewhere warm to go

Cause when you stop to count your blessings
It’s The Little Things
Oh the simple things that money just can’t buy
There’s always someone who would be grateful for
The Little Things
Oh the things we take for granted in our lives

Free to feel the sun
Warm upon your face
Just to walk outside
Knowing you’re still safe
Food enough to eat
Water clean and a bed
Four walls around you
And a roof overhead


(Break )
Just a warm embrace and a smiling face, just a place to be with enough to eat, to be free from pain sheltered from the rain , just The little things
To be given care, with enough to share, just hear you say you’re not far away
Free to walk or run watch the rising sun, It’s The little things

( Repeat Vrs 1 and ad lib to fade.)
Loveshadow 2012

"The Little Things"
by Loveshadow

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