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The Heart Of A Man

uploaded: Mon, Jan 12, 2009 @ 4:48 PM
FeaturingJavier Sanchez
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I am deeply grateful to Javier Sanchez for this amazing piece of piano.

Scott Altham commented about hearing my work and wanting to do better. A nice thing to say but i know how he feels after hearing this piano in my trying to compliment it with the best i can do at this time.

It’s for all those Dads working to put food on the table and the faceless male heros who go the extra mile when there’s real trouble.

Yea i know there are women too, but someone else will have to write their song :-)

It is a shame the Stephen Colbert interview was based so heavily on remixing established artistes and music theft when here for me is the strength of the CC movement.

The opportunity to create something with a total stranger and share it with the world.

The Heart Of A Man

Dirt on his hands
And sweat on his brow
And His body is failing
But he’ll work to get thru it somehow

Bills to be paid
And The Roofs to be fixed
Cause he knows it’s a home not
A house or just timber and bricks

When the storm comes to call he
Will take your hand
From the depth of the water he’ll guide you to land

Holds his child proud
And he watches them grow
And he waits for the day that
They’re strong and they’re ready to go

When you need, his protection he will stand strong on the wall
And pull you out from the tide or flame and catch you when you start to fall but,

Don’t ask him why
Cause he won’t understand
Cause that’s just the nature of
The Heart of a man

No Don’t ask him why
He won’t understand
Cause that’s just the Nature
The truth from
The heart of a man

Loveshadow 2009

"The Heart Of A Man"
by Loveshadow

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