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i love you :)

uploaded: Tue, Sep 6, 2022 @ 12:00 PM
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and now i’m listening to love somebody by jimmy sommerville. a member of the lovers of the male 1ntestinal outlet. a rainbow colored group that doesn’t exactly love me on this website.

nevertheless i listen to their music after two bottles of red wine with cola and 30 cigarettes.

and it’s not the rainbow colored part of society. as the black show host on titkok said: nogger, if you want a woman to kiss your male 4nus, you have to wash. ten minutes front and back until all the 3ncrustations are gone. that’s what the black guy said after insulting the 80% of unprepared black women with kids.

by the way, i’ve been unwashed for four days. but cats, unlike dogs, don’t stink, even if they don’t wash. so i don’t stink.

anyway, now i’m listening to jimmi sommerville.

ladies and gentlemen. today is september 08, 2022 a thursday. after the terrible wednesday yesterday without ccmixter we are now again in the pleasure to experience ccmixter. i already thought i have to open a blog for myself.

what can i say. now it’s 14:45 central european time. hiroglyphs for the average american citizen. as well as cyrillic which is revealed on the spotify page of madame snowflake in the krinsh playlist of viktorija.

but today i want to talk about iq. yesterday i saw a tiktok in which albania is shown as the dumbest (with the lowest iq value) state in europe.

of course i got curious with my iq of 100 found out by the government, how is the iq average in other countries.

according to the website. there is the following statement:

The IQ in the country comparison
The question about the intelligence of certain nationalities or population groups may be considered controversial. In fact, however, there are definitely national, political as well as geographical factors that have an influence on intelligence. Often still surprising, but now scientifically proven, is that a warmer climate has a noticeably poor influence on the intelligence quotient.

With an average IQ of 100 points, Germany is in 15th place in this ranking. With 108 points, the inhabitants of Singapore achieve the highest intelligence quotient in the world. The last place with just 56 points is occupied by Equatorial Guinea.

In addition to the pure ranking of the countries, the influence of wealth and climate should be shown in this table.

No dependence on race
None of the studies used here indicate that the intelligence quotient is dependent on a particular race. Differences within population groups were found in isolated cases (e.g., in Brazil: blacks 71, mulattos 81, whites 95, Japanese 99), but all differences could be attributed to origin, educational level, or other factors.

In 2006, Donald Templera and Hiroko Arikawab (English) found a correlation between increasing skin pigmentation and decreasing IQ. However, this was not attributable to race, as skin pigmentation is climatic. The observations were also made within, for example, the Caucasian race. The conspicuously low IQs in Africa as well as the conspicuously high IQs in East Asia are justified in these studies with culture and climate.

be that as it may. the smartest people live in east asia. this means that east asians are not only the most attractive and, in terms of reproductive capacity, the most efficient human inhabitants of this earth, but also the smartest on average.

the arab muslim belt just above the equator is a bit dumber in terms of average human iq ability. with an average iq of 80.

just like the central american and south american continent. with an iq of 80.

the dumbest people live in the sahara and sub-saharan region. black africa. where the blacks live. with an average iq of just under 60, they take the cake.

the rest of the world is around iq 100. just like the country of my origin germany and croatia.

i hope i was able to enlighten your brains with these racist but nevertheless meaningful studies based on western european standards, since east asians are the smartest.

today is wednesday, september 07, 2022. i was just in the norma supermarket. unwashed and unshaven for three days. on the way, i saw aiche’s mother. unlike her daughters, she wears hijab. she was startled when she saw me. no idea why. i greeted her nicely. in the supermarket, you can see the effects of megainflation. a few older ladies with a little bread and other few things in a shopping cart that is far too big. i bought 4 bottles of wine, a six-pack of 1.25 l coke zeros, two pringles of sweet paprika and two mega packs of cigarettes and got rid of 35 dollars. on the way into the house, i met a young man who was still a child when i moved in the house 16 years ago. he was also scared of me. i don’t know why. in any case, he smelled like a lot of cheap men’s perfume. unlike me.

there’s this black guy on tiktok who says things on his internet show like before 1965, 80% of black african americans were married, today it’s 20%. and there was this black woman on skype on his show who said: i’m a wonderful person, i can cook and do the housework. i deserve a wonderful husband. the guy asks her: how many children do you have? she says: four. he says: from how many different men? she says: four different men and i’ve never been married. but that doesn’t matter i’m something very valuable and deserve a husband. the guy asks her: do you have sons? she says: yes and he says: imagine your sons come to you and say: we want to get married, we’ve met 44 year old mothers with four children from four different men who have never been married. what would you say?….she says: oh dear no.

the same african american guy always wears a tailored suit in his cubbyhole and says in other titkoks like this: you black noggers, if you want to p1mp, you have to wash. 10 minutes downstairs in front and ten minutes downstairs in the back, until there are no incru5tations left.

and here we come back to me. i don’t smell after three days of being unwashed. i’m a black tomcat and they don’t wash their whole lives.

whereas dawgs always stink. that’s the way god wanted it.

by the way, a dawg is man’s best friend, but in contrast, a cat never snitches on man to the police.

i’m listening to shooting stars by bag raiders.:)

today is still saturday september 03, 2022. just now i saw the summary of the premier league match citizens vs aston villa. of course without sound, while my remix only love blows my ears away.

at the end you can see in close-up how pep guardiola pulls up white spit from his throat and then tastes it on his lips and swallows it back down.

these coke monkeys are so pathetic.

today is tuesday september 06, 2022. i made a remix with the chords of after the landslide by matt simons. so originally a song about alternative life models. after my reviews from yesterday on ccmixter i had to deliver. and i think i did with the remix. i put it together in two hours yesterday. and i listen to it alternately with other songs since then. i have a new publisher for my applemusic and spotify songs. it’s free, well almost. it only takes 5 dollars per song per year from the streaming revenue. and if you don’t earn anything, then the publisher doesn’t take anything. like me. and the songs also stay on the streaming platforms forever.

i cleaned up a little while ago and threw the wine bottles in the trash. they stink so badly after a few days. like the wine in my family’s wine barrels in croatia, which is made from their own domestic grapes. pathetic.

the best al3ohol i ever drank was in croatia in the fall, when all the moonshiners distilled their plum brandy. i think i was still young and went around the village with my now deceased buddy vedran and we stopped at all the distillers who distilled brandy for themselves privately. after the third visit, i don’t remember the rest. but we must have kept going.

by the way, this was in the village where my father was born and died in 2019 and where there was a huge century earthquake six months later after my father’s funeral, 4 days before my birthday. 5 billion dollars in damage.

what else can i say? i’ll take a look at the international youtube charts and the german and the american ones.

so in the german youtube top ten, germans are on place 1 with a song about a muslim brothe1 boss. behind them, there are only north africans (not black africans but muslim arabs) and muslim orientals (why do i emphasize muslim? because faith plays a leading role in their songs even if they are haram as a whole) and a south korean girl group.

let’s see in the american charts which have no meaning in the rest of the world. but i’ll have a look. on the first place is the korean girlgroup and behind them latinos, a muslim north african american. one or two sub-saharan african americans i.e. black african americans and i think a white guy got lost in there too.

i’m looking internationally. the korean girl group is in first place. behind them are latinos and indians.

but i don’t trust any charts since i went from 200 listeners to 1500 in two weeks with free purchased spotify listener bots.

so who is interested in making a little cash with bought click numbers. by now this should be a minus business.

so all the north african and oriental german rappers are in the background all connected to oriental and arab clans. and these clans sell coc4ine. and somehow you have to use everything to launder your money and make some more promo for your own cultural background and lifestyle.

in the usa, the charts are flooded with latinos. same game as in germany. all the narcos in south america earn themselves silly with the drug misery in the usa. and so they launder their coke money with the bought clicks and do some promotion for their lifestyle on the side.

the koreans are financed by the south korean state which earns itself silly with tvs and cars for the western world. they are in a culture war with north korea and their patron china.

that would be the conclusion of the youtube charts.

"i love you :)"
by Kristian

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