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uploaded: Fri, Jul 8, 2022 @ 9:50 PM
Featuringleza boyland
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yesterday in the rush to my last remix i get an email on my iphone, a recommend from leza. somehow i knew this was a subtle call from her to remix something from her again. and this morning i wake up at 4am, see the good-for-nothing hiphop career dreamers from my neighborhood making noise, three floors across in a doorway and hear them talking about the most famous son in town, a gangster rapper. so i made myself a coffee and checked leza’s place and saw her new upload.

so i got to work. i didn’t want to make a rock opera but something different. i took some minor chords from dua lipa from a song i don’t know because i only listen to my own music and don’t hang out in the bars and dive bars of youtube where these newfangled expensive music videos are played.

and here I am. with a beach song for the morning.

by Kristian

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