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As the Merkaba Spins the Roots Rise Again (17th time's a charm Mix)

uploaded: Sat, Oct 30, 2021 @ 11:57 PM last modified: Sun, Oct 31, 2021 @ 3:38 PM  (add)
byJoel Frijters
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Hello again to all you beautiful people! :)

I had the distinct pleasure of remixing Spinning Merkaba! This ended up not being a typical mix for me but considering the anniversary (17 being nothing to sneeze at), the body and the nature of jlbrock’s body of work and the very essence of this lovely corner of the Internet I decided to step out a little bit.

Modern classical music sometimes hits you like a brick of blue cheese. It can be funky, complex, hard to get a long with or sometimes - just sometimes a culinary journey of a thousand wonderful places. My mix of Spinning Merkaba hopefully falls in one of those categories :)

I used only two samples of the great catalogue but in exploring both of them fully I found my own magic world of sound. I don’t know if it directly related to finally looking up what a spinning merkaba is (or could be… you should really look it up for yourself) this mix just felt right. Oh and that violin is a new purchase. I have decided 42 is the perfect time to learn the violin and at day 3 I recorded this :)

After all that yarn I hope this finds you well and ready to enjoy some great blue cheese :) Oh and a suggested pairing is watching at least 30 minutes of Bonsai footage before, during and after this listen :)

Lyric below: 
Listen, for I speak the truth

Life which is your grasp,
Which is in your grasp Is simple.

Silence and din and wait for the game to begin and finish and then…

Aim one heavy sigh at a prophetic sign and bid adieu to both.

Life is nothing more than taking nothing more than the realization that you have to let go.

Living enough to know that death is just a little more sacred than life and doing what you can, when you can… let the roots rise again.

And doing what you can, when you can to watch the roots rising again.

"As the Merkaba Spins the Roots Rise Again (17th time's a charm Mix)"
by Joel Frijters

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