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Bass In Your Face

uploaded: Wed, Jun 4, 2014 @ 9:06 AM last modified: Wed, Jun 4, 2014 @ 8:00 PM  (add)
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In the last few days I spent a lot of time on music sites. I heard a lot of old techno songs from the nineties. I think the techno music from the present time, sounds too much, according to computer software. Everyone uses the same software and the same sounds. My ears hear far too often a car accident as good techno music. To get an authentic techno sound, it is better to use a real instrument as a computer. I was a bit depressed about this development. So I created my own nineties techno track with the wonderful vocal by Donnie Ozone.

Contents of ZIP Archive: stem pack_01

  • /Vocal_hooks.mp3 (6.75MB)
  • /Vocals.mp3 (6.05MB)
  • /Waldorf_Pulse.mp3 (7.14MB)
  • /Yamaha_TG77_01.mp3 (5.45MB)
  • /Yamaha_TG77_02.mp3 (6.20MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: stem pack_02

  • /Minimoog.mp3 (4.72MB)
  • /Roland_Juno_106.mp3 (6.94MB)
  • /Roland_MC303_Drums.mp3 (6.13MB)
  • /Roland_TB303_Bassline.mp3 (6.22MB)
  • /The_Tiger.mp3 (5.18MB)

"Bass In Your Face"
by Kraftamt

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