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Was bleibt?

uploaded: Sun, Mar 20, 2011 @ 12:40 PM
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I have read Snow Flake and Lunar Rising only a very small fragment of their very goodsong. Forgive me. But a picture is good with small highlights. When the song should have made good, then through the highlights.

An analogous translation of the text ”what remains “ of a famous German poet.
I will try to see how the blind man.
Means feeling smell and hearing.
Because my eyes like birds vanish.
I ask myself if I really lose.
What would keep me from visible things.
What would my soul forever known.
The - when the blackbirds sing in the cool
the evening comes to the silent land.
And the sun reddens the water.
If water is there - a river flowing.
Ships of light as birds fly and enjoy the waves.
And stand on one point .. .. fluttering light wind and water face.
Volatile ephemeral beauty and serene. Until the sun steals the light.
That I would see and the oak trees, the rushing edge of the field.
And the night sky with the soft, which I changed my life.

"Was bleibt?"
by Niemandsland

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