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Primate Puzzler

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Stems for Primate Puzzler. This song was inspired by Orangutans for Orangutans. Check out Support their movie Orang-U: An ape goes to College
You can find my mix of this song on

Contents of ZIP Archive: Drums

  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Drums Left.WAV (17.80MB)
  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Drums Right.WAV (17.80MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Bass

  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Bass Left.WAV (17.41MB)
  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Bass Right.WAV (17.41MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Guitars

  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Guitar 1 Left.WAV (17.41MB)
  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Guitar 1 Right.WAV (17.41MB)
  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Guitar 2 Left.WAV (17.55MB)
  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Guitar 2 Right.WAV (17.55MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Synth Lead

  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Synth Lead Left.WAV (17.33MB)
  • /PRIMATE PUZZLER Synth Lead Right.WAV (17.33MB)

"Primate Puzzler"
by JohnFletcher

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