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paint the paper moon

uploaded: Mon, Oct 30, 2017 @ 6:35 AM
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This time I started experimenting with newtone in fl studio.

The trumpet was a dam hard sound to get to be authentic so I got

And chopped and sliced it until what all the notes were in the loop and then had to piece them into the most complex 7 chord song I have ever written.

It is incredibly complex for me to write this because it starts in cmaj7 but does a lot of modal interchanging. A LOT. so I really had to constantly document a ton of notes to know where all sounds were.

Lyrically, I asked my 4 year old daughter to tell me some lines for a song and I got a page from her and sang out a few I liked. I knew it was going into a kiddy dream world, not sure where it would go out to. I don’t mind halloween just didn’t see anything my little one would find spooky in happy way. For her the moon and rats and witches is dark enough. With her favourite ice blocks and ice cream its all fine!

I realised as I started “singing” for the first time I unconsciously got hooded onto moonlight drive by the doors but didn’t realise till after I had finished recording… and heard it back a bit.

The double bass was the same as the trumpet….. pain to try to find notes I can use in complex systems of notes. all I could get is what i produced…

Finally, I approached writing here a bit like my last song, less trying to work others peoples stuff. More trying to write what I want and then look for a way to connect.

Now I am seeing a guy who has remixed my stuff, so I look forward to starting fresh with someone elses work again and smashing it up the same way lol.

"paint the paper moon"
by JohnBozi

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