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uploaded: Mon, Mar 12, 2012 @ 4:32 PM
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OK, when I heard KungFu’s poem “Arid Dry Land of Tears” I wanted to work with it, even though I’d already remixed the “Travel By Night” percussion track by adding some off-the-cuff guitar. And so here’s my take on the poem, which I think is great. I used the same guitar track as before, but added a drone pad on E3 (a preset on the “Rapture” soft synth).

Recorded in Sonar Home Studio with various iZotope stuff added, including “Vinyl”, which simulates a worn vinyl record effect.

It’s late night here so I did the mix in the cans only—maybe it doesn’t work on speakers! But, well, anyway, my intention is good!

I cut the overall length of the “Travel By Night” track, in order to better accommodate the short poem.

by Javolenus

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