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uploaded: Thu, Jan 29, 2009 @ 11:11 PM
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Dear Listeners,

My name is Wayne King, Scombers’ musical director for the playlist
Blue lips, Loose Hips”.

I am really worried that this project is not moving fast enough in the virtual theater, and meanwhile, Scomber Productions hasn’t paid me in two weeks, except in chocolate mints and bath robes stolen from some hotel.

As a plan to move this project ahead, my friend at the Opera House got us a slot on the sly in the empty concert hall after LesMis finished, as long as we tidied up when we left.

This is the first time the house band has played together in a large space, and Scomber would be really cranky with me if he knew I bootlegged even part of the gig.
I even witnessed one the roadies blowing up a virtual inflatable Brad to do the lead vocals.
As usual Scomber invited a few friends along, so I was able to blend into the crowd OK and record this song.
The keyboardist needs to pay for a replacement chandelier and the bloke with the guitar, for tearing up the carpet near the front row. They also may need to pay for new headphones too after you listen to this too loud.
They went off, a total breakdown I guess.

In the play this track is proposed for the scene where Anchors nephew finds the body of Kate, no sign of good old uncle Anchor though.

Yours Sincerely

Wayne King

Musical Director
Interactive StageShow

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