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Lonely Man

uploaded: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 @ 10:03 AM last modified: Sun, Mar 25, 2012 @ 1:38 AM  (add)
byGhost_k (Ghost Kollective)
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Lonely Man - (Featuring SackJo22)

Lyrics Written & Preformed By:



The first release from the new collaboration album, scAtT3rbRa1Nz.

Thanks to SackJo22 for the fantastic vocal.

Yes we are the real Ghost K and yes this REALLY is an advanced preview track from our new collaborations album! That’s right people, new stuff from Ghost K…..finally, it’s beginning!!

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Contents of ZIP Archive: Sample

  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 1/ghost k - bass and atmosphere.flac (17.37MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 1/Loud and wide2.flac (11.81MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 1/NN-XT 2.flac (2.27MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 1/strings.flac (17.39MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Sample

  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 2/Audio Track 3.flac (5.30MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 2/Ghost Kollective - lonely man acapella.flac (14.56MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 2/Ghost Kollective - lonely man other guitars and such.flac (10.69MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 2/Loud and wide.flac (11.20MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 2/SubTractor 1.flac (2.96MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Sample

  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 3/Audio Track 1.flac (34.25MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 3/Audio Track 2.flac (2.70MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 3/Combinator 2.flac (3.25MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 3/guitar 1 alt.flac (1.17MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 3/guitar 1.flac (1.33MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 3/guitar 2 alt.flac (1.16MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 3/guitar 2.flac (1.61MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 3/Malstr”m 1.flac (1.80MB)
  • /Lonely Man Remix Pack 3/NN-XT 1.flac (1.20MB)

"Lonely Man"
by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

The Ghost Kollective features a provocative performance by Sackjo22 in Lonely Man — the first release from the GK’s new album scAtT3rbRa1Nz.

With hypnotizing rhythm, crunchy guitars, ethereal soundscape, and sensual melody, Lonely Man sings to the Soul and moves the body. A must listen.


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