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Heroes in an analog whirlwind

uploaded: Sat, Oct 13, 2007 @ 11:11 AM
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My original plan of action on this was to hand dial my Rhythm Ace (1960’s analog drum machine; later to become Roland) into sync with the vox. Turned out great. Then I planned
to add 2 more tracks of the RA playing around with the buttons, without touching the tempo knob. Then shift the tracks relative to each other to produce polyrhythms. I’ve got several of these old analog beasts; but haven’t tried a multi-track sync ‘till now. Imagine my surprise, when even with a computer and graphic representation with independent movement of tracks;
For not more than 10 seconds would the tracks stay in sync. Remember when u were a kid, on the school bus watching the windshield wipers go in and out of sync? It was a bit like that; Except trying to wrap a song around it. So, I edited out the most egregious errors, and added keyboard bass from my Casio CZ-3000 synthesizer (yes, they used to make synths back in the ‘80’s).
This poem is currently my favorite on the site. I hope I’ve given it its just do.

"Heroes in an analog whirlwind"
by Fireproof_Babies

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