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We Are In Vegas

uploaded: Sat, Jul 5, 2008 @ 11:11 AM
byDoghouse Riley
FeaturingSalvador Dali, maybe
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Wail, as most of ya may know it’s the 4th a July over here in the bad (formerly good) ol USofA. And that means it’s time for my usual Independence Day foolishness. This year I thought what better way to celebrate America than with a tribute to that cesspool a wanton craveness…Vegas!! I put ol Shannon in the main room at Steve Wynn’s place with some a them union musicians and a full house. And seeins how she’s gonna actually be in my old stompin grounds here in a couple a days I threw in a surreally irrelevant country (wail, Vegas country) hoedown dance number right in the middle of the whole thang. Now, while all my work tends ta have a certain, oh I don’t know, joie de vive, jena se qua, maybe l’odeur de merde, this here is my attempt at a 4th of July fireworks show fer ya. All pretty lights and big explosions which is over before ya know it and leavin ya with nothin but dirty burned out pieces a paper and ashes on the ground. Light the fuse, Humphrey.

"We Are In Vegas"
by Doghouse Riley

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