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There's Something Wrong

uploaded: Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 10:09 AM
FeaturingBrad Sucks, NIN
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The drum loop (the one without the cymbals, which plays throughout most of the song) is from the song “Echoplex” on Nine Inch Nails’s “The Slip,” which makes this song CC-NC-SA. Normally I don’t really like Nine Inch Nails’s music that much - the style’s a little too heavy for me - but I couldn’t resist sampling this catchy little drum loop, and have to give the group major kudos for making their music available for legal remixing.

Had this version in me ever since I heard J.Lang’s excellent take on the same song - it’s taken in a very similar direction, but hopefully different enough to avoid being an obvious copy… :D


"There's Something Wrong"
by DoKashiteru

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