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Never, Ever Abandon A Rabbit

uploaded: Fri, Jul 4, 2014 @ 4:26 PM last modified: Thu, Jul 17, 2014 @ 2:56 AM  (replace)
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UPDATED 7-17-2014 : Got my equipment working and things sound right. Totally reworked!

Acapella made for North Olympic Rabbit Rescue

William Berry “Windish”

and audio materials kindly donated by . You’re heard “The Art Of Hip Hop” “3KT Hip Hop” and “Mushroom Grooves.”



I haven’t submitted a pell in a while, and it was time. My equipment isn’t working right, so the sound is inferior in ways… but I didn’t let that stop me. Happy 4th everyone!

Binky hop skip shiver oh
whatcha whatcha thinking bro
maybe you should think some mo
a bunny’s not an easter toy yo

oh a bunny’s really a great
best friend honestly no debate
But if you can’t truly commit
to ten years my friend you should just quit

Seriously study and respect
Leprodiae got that, check!
You’ll ne to read how to feed
and love call hedd and give in need

your bunny companion indeed
A place to be the best bunny
And where to spend your bun money
And best love your bun bun honey

Spay and neuter remember why
How quickly rabbits multiply
They have a rep you can’t deny
It happens in the blink of an eye

Give em fruit, give em hay,
pellets from timothy hay,
I’ll rhyme it thrice just to say
pellets from timothy hay

eight square, feet of space
to jump and run and lie in place
And four times that must follow daily
for playtime with your leporid baby

Mission major precuation
liftin fragile bun from the floor son
Hold their back suspension and
hold them close so their not so tense and

remember this fact just don’t let
The fear of the humane society get
In the right way cause dumping does damage
Remember this never, ever abandon a rabbit!

Not the big ones, not the small ones,
not the fats ones, not the tall ones,
No the fluffy ones, no the happy ones,
Not the scruffy ones, not the nappy ones,

not the mean ones, not the nice ones,
Cause why son? They’re all nice buns.
So return the love safely comply
Transfer to a shelter that’s nearby

Every life is scared so don’t forget
Remember this, never, ever abandon a rabbit
No matter the situation a dumping is tragic
Remember this, never, ever abandon a rabbit

"Never, Ever Abandon A Rabbit"
by coruscate

2014 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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