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Sola Solita

uploaded: Fri, Jan 4, 2013 @ 6:19 PM
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It’s no joke I think Andrew Franco has some of the best Attribution 3.0 Pella’s on the site 8^)

This is one I’ve been wanting to remix for a while, and when I started out I made a simple mistake that worked for me. I had a copy of TexasRadioFish’s “Funk Change” in my sample folder when it was a full song… but as I listened to it I realized I could chop up the beat, a portion of the beat with a piano and the instrument solo section into a new song. So I made them the backing of this song. I used Duckett’s “More Fake Jazz” to liven things up during the first half of the song, and some percussion elements form Peace Love Productions and one other source to make it all fit together. This is one of my favorite remixes.

"Sola Solita"
by coruscate

2013 - Licensed under
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Attribution (3.0)

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