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Rock Loops 76 BPM - Bad Attraction Ft. Brad Sucks

uploaded: Mon, Feb 6, 2012 @ 8:46 AM last modified: Mon, Feb 6, 2012 @ 8:49 AM  (add)
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When I was in my “construction kit” making phase last month, as part of my 75 BPM range trio I produced a rock construction kit using my Casio WK-1630 and Tiger Power Tour Guitar. I’ve made a semi randomish song before, but not an actual kit fully to scale that could be re-arranged.

After I had made the loops, I went around looking to see if I could find an acapella at 76 BPM… Brad Sucks’ “Bad Attraction” was exactly that BPM, almost exactly the length of my practice track and almost exactly matched what I had randomly done setting up the loops.

So after fixing up the loops, I simply mixed down the song. I still love this one.

The bass and guitar loops are meant to be played together, so “1” on each loop matches the “1” in the other loopset. 16 loops total per instrument.

Notes.txt simply are my notes of what notes I played.

1 = a note
2 = b note
3 = c note

And so until you reach “A” in the notes, which is the a note, one full octave up.

I know, crude, but it was notepad notes and I’m just throwing them in there in case any musicians want to add to this somehow.

I welcome it!

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /drum loops/jazz brush.mp3 (183.26KB)
  • /drum loops/jazz deep kick.mp3 (120.49KB)
  • /drum loops/jazz light kick.mp3 (93.26KB)
  • /drum loops/quiet cymbal.mp3 (71.20KB)
  • /drum loops/snare.mp3 (98.70KB)
  • /drum loops/tom 1.mp3 (148.59KB)
  • /drum loops/tom 2.mp3 (130.13KB)
  • /drum loops/tom 3.mp3 (124.36KB)
  • /drum loops/woodstick tap.mp3 (165.94KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 1.mp3 (245.02KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 10.mp3 (179.34KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 11.mp3 (243.05KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 12.mp3 (239.34KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 13.mp3 (182.72KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 14.mp3 (181.27KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 15.mp3 (183.40KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 16.mp3 (181.83KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 2.mp3 (182.30KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 3.mp3 (243.38KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 4.mp3 (162.52KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 5.mp3 (179.63KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 6.mp3 (179.84KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 7.mp3 (181.17KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 8.mp3 (180.47KB)
  • /tiger indie fx/tiger indie fx 9.mp3 (178.22KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 1.mp3 (175.50KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 10.mp3 (115.78KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 11.mp3 (108.19KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 12.mp3 (93.00KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 13.mp3 (109.17KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 14.mp3 (121.45KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 15.mp3 (109.03KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 16.mp3 (111.05KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 2.mp3 (106.31KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 3.mp3 (94.24KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 4.mp3 (81.84KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 5.mp3 (91.13KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 6.mp3 (90.09KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 7.mp3 (113.79KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 8.mp3 (94.92KB)
  • /tiger rock fx/tiger rock fx 9.mp3 (91.69KB)
  • /notes.txt (192)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 1.mp3 (153.38KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 10.mp3 (77.48KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 11.mp3 (78.47KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 12.mp3 (77.44KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 13.mp3 (78.45KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 14.mp3 (77.27KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 15.mp3 (76.08KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 16.mp3 (149.23KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 2.mp3 (76.59KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 3.mp3 (126.89KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 4.mp3 (74.84KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 5.mp3 (77.34KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 6.mp3 (77.13KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 7.mp3 (77.77KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 8.mp3 (76.76KB)
  • /accoustic bass/accoustic bass 9.mp3 (77.37KB)

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