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More Trouble 80 BPM Construction Kit

uploaded: Sat, Dec 31, 2011 @ 6:36 PM last modified: Sun, Jan 1, 2012 @ 7:11 PM  (replace)
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I’m starting to branch into other BPMs now with these kits. UPDATE Jan 1st, 2012 8^)

New loops and vocal bits have been added. It’s a much nicer kit now!

I like how this one has turned out, it’s been a success.

Vocal bits:
“Don’t Make This Harder On Yourself”
“Hand Over The Cash”
“Ha HA!”
“Here Comes The King Of Hip Hop”
“Rude Boy!”

Contents of ZIP Archive: loops in zip

  • /vocals dry/dont make this harder.mp3 (54.66KB)
  • /vocals dry/ha ha.mp3 (29.72KB)
  • /vocals dry/hand over cash.mp3 (41.30KB)
  • /vocals dry/king of hh.mp3 (62.60KB)
  • /vocals dry/massive.mp3 (31.36KB)
  • /vocals dry/rude boy.mp3 (28.88KB)
  • /vocals dry/trouble.mp3 (15.00KB)
  • /music/accoustic bass 1.mp3 (285.56KB)
  • /music/accoustic bass 2.mp3 (142.50KB)
  • /music/accoustic bass 3.mp3 (143.06KB)
  • /music/accoustic bass 4.mp3 (142.50KB)
  • /music/accoustic bass 5.mp3 (71.39KB)
  • /music/accoustic bass 6.mp3 (138.89KB)
  • /music/accoustic bass 7.mp3 (111.47KB)
  • /music/accoustic bass descent.mp3 (277.57KB)
  • /music/charang 1.mp3 (315.47KB)
  • /music/charang 2.mp3 (162.84KB)
  • /music/charang 3.mp3 (164.91KB)
  • /music/charang 4.mp3 (166.55KB)
  • /music/charang 5.mp3 (85.78KB)
  • /music/charang 6.mp3 (167.34KB)
  • /music/charang 7.mp3 (158.91KB)
  • /music/charang descent.mp3 (341.95KB)
  • /music/distant guitar 1.mp3 (314.30KB)
  • /music/distant guitar 2.mp3 (155.16KB)
  • /music/distant guitar 3.mp3 (154.85KB)
  • /music/distant guitar 4.mp3 (154.88KB)
  • /music/distant guitar 5.mp3 (81.28KB)
  • /music/distant guitar 6.mp3 (162.38KB)
  • /music/distant guitar 7.mp3 (153.80KB)
  • /music/distant guitar descent.mp3 (316.59KB)
  • /music/pan flute 1.mp3 (347.06KB)
  • /music/pan flute 2.mp3 (174.38KB)
  • /music/pan flute 3.mp3 (170.39KB)
  • /music/pan flute 4.mp3 (171.94KB)
  • /music/pan flute 5.mp3 (86.16KB)
  • /music/pan flute 6.mp3 (175.78KB)
  • /music/pan flute 7.mp3 (126.00KB)
  • /music/pan flute solo.mp3 (937.78KB)
  • /music/pan flute solo.mp3.sfk (24.25KB)
  • /music/strings 1.mp3 (310.41KB)
  • /music/strings 2.mp3 (165.66KB)
  • /music/strings 3.mp3 (162.94KB)
  • /music/strings 4.mp3 (162.66KB)
  • /music/strings 5.mp3 (83.25KB)
  • /music/strings 6.mp3 (162.19KB)
  • /music/strings 7.mp3 (162.38KB)
  • /drums/deep kicks 1.mp3 (123.70KB)
  • /drums/deep kicks 2.mp3 (72.33KB)
  • /drums/deep kicks 3.mp3 (49.97KB)
  • /drums/fx bookend.mp3 (152.79KB)
  • /drums/hi hat skip.mp3 (346.50KB)
  • /drums/snap clap.mp3 (98.81KB)
  • /drums/snare.mp3 (93.47KB)
  • /drums/toctoctoc.mp3 (92.02KB)

"More Trouble 80 BPM Construction Kit"
by coruscate

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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