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Imagine Secret Mixter

uploaded: Sun, Sep 16, 2012 @ 2:07 PM
byAbstract Audio
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When I saw that magical red box that invited me for another Secret Mixter, all kinds off plans went through my head. I wanted to do a very dark d’n’b/industrial, a couple of short pieces combining to one bigger peace. When I started to listen to the samples (Some stunning stuff ) I heard a melodic d’n’b track pop in my head.
But it all turned out a bit diffrent when I started to play with some samples and I ended up with a really laid back hiphop beat. It was one of those magical experiences you run into every now and then as (music)creator: That flow within everything works. It was very brief it lasted just for a few hours, but it was intense and I loved every second of it.

I just used the acapella and the guitar snippets and an breakbeat I got from breakbeat paradise sample packs
I added the bass and the drumsounds.

Oh as final thought I really want to push ccm to do more remixes of daniloprates. A lot of his stuff is HQ and is waiting to be transformed into great songs

"Imagine Secret Mixter"
by Abstract Audio

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