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uploaded: Mon, Nov 23, 2009 @ 3:56 AM
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This is Jurgen Herrmann’s mix of my a cappella. He has given me the mix to put on my page - simply because he is a lovely man! The backing track is all his work; which is why it is so beautiful. Thank you, Jurgen.

Cynical and sad, they didn’t believe in a reason
A point to it all in life’s Autumn season
Tired of waiting, each preferred to live alone
Protecting their loneliness like a dog with a bone
Yet somehow they met before all hope was leached
See them stand pressed close on a deserted beach
Soft damp sand thick between their toes
Gunmetal sea, a sky of ice blue and rose
Wind cuts their skin and rips through their hair
But their clasped hands are warm, they’re glad the other’s there
As the sun lies down and dies in the west
They know they’ve found a love in which they can rest
Play Rest

by CiggiBurns

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