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Thinkin' About It - Side A

uploaded: Sun, Oct 24, 2010 @ 12:24 PM
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I finally drop the main project of ThinkinAboutIt, side A, to which I devoted my last month, just when all remixers will be busy uploading the new secret mixer samples. Sometimes we want to be cutting-edged original, sometimes we want to be updated and modern, sometimes I like to be old-fashioned: copying a genre is an exercise for producers! I grew with EW&F, Kool&TheGang, Commodores and LionelRitchie and recently discovered Rufus, and Songboy3’s voice has been a chance and a challenge to me. I really did my best to make myself and him happy: deliberately hi volume bass, 5 guitar layers, drums never on time but in the groove. My whole family learned this song since I was mixing on loudspeakers for over one week, I adore it and I hope you will enjoy as well.

"Thinkin' About It - Side A"
by Carosone

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Editorial pick

The care producer Carosone took with this genre-tight soul homage shines through in a dynamic arrangement that compels you to get into the groove! Once again, the exquisite vocals of Songboy3 inspire outstanding work from one of ccM’s tastiest mixters!


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