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Les quatres saisons

uploaded: Sun, Sep 10, 2017 @ 1:55 AM last modified: Sun, Sep 10, 2017 @ 2:21 AM  (add)
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I settled myself in front of the computer, and I listened to most of the pieces of gurdonark.

Then, here I am in a universe of sounds and magic, indescribable and fairy.

Mr Gurdonark, you are a sound magician !!

I search the samples, and I find a treasure.

I choose some of them and I transform them by trying to recreate the birth of the 4 seasons, with samples and in the background, always singing birds.

The more I composed, the more I felt the son of Madame nature.

In the middle of the piece, I treated the voice of Kara’s excellent tzxte.

The better, lie down, put on the helmet, and close your eyes, nature will do the rest.

Peace and love.

WORDS of Kara
Shifting seasons, mother truckers
Climate change, mother truckers

Shifting seasons, mother truckers
Shifting weather patterns
Shifting songbird migrations
Shifting ocean currents
Jet stream

Climate change, mother truckers
global warming
melting sea ice
rising sea level
heat waves
temperatures rising
stronger hurricanes
heavy downpours
wild fires
insect outbreaks

Shifting seasons, mother truckers
Climate change, mother truckers

"Les quatres saisons"
by Bluemillenium

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