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Waiting in the Garden

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byBenjamin Orth
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I have a problem with a lot of Snowflake’s songs - and I mean that in an very positive way. Many of her piano/vocal based recordings are perfect already thus I don’t see a “necessity” for remixing…

Anyhow I started remixing this one. :-) The result is some kind of hybrid song with a classical orchestra, electronic beat and metal guitars.
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  • /Benjamin_Orth_Waiting_in_the_Garden_Stems_Guitars.mp3 (3.99MB)
  • /Benjamin_Orth_Waiting_in_the_Garden_Stems_Percussion.mp3 (3.48MB)
  • /Benjamin_Orth_Waiting_in_the_Garden_Stems_Strings.mp3 (4.39MB)
  • /Benjamin_Orth_Waiting_in_the_Garden_Stems_Wind_Section.mp3 (3.62MB)

"Waiting in the Garden"
by Benjamin Orth

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