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Experimental Downtempo Pack

uploaded: Wed, Sep 18, 2019 @ 5:32 PM last modified: Wed, Sep 18, 2019 @ 5:36 PM  (add)
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Experimental Downtempo Pack.

Created for the “Beauty of Perspective” event.

19 Hits, 11 Loops, 6 Misc and a phase beat.

Loops and beat are 90 bpm.

Created with sounds from Midi Player 5.2 by Zoltan Bacsko (Falcosoft)

VSTs used:
Speak and Spell VST by Groove Zing
VST Speek by Sebastian Macke
Talk It! by Soft Voice

Contents of ZIP Archive: hits

  • /EDP Hit 01.flac (126.86KB)
  • /EDP Hit 02.flac (66.38KB)
  • /EDP Hit 03.flac (48.29KB)
  • /EDP Hit 04.flac (69.15KB)
  • /EDP Hit 05.flac (70.86KB)
  • /EDP Hit 06.flac (83.61KB)
  • /EDP Hit 07.flac (68.26KB)
  • /EDP Hit 08.flac (48.11KB)
  • /EDP Hit 09.flac (68.43KB)
  • /EDP Hit 10.flac (49.32KB)
  • /EDP Hit 11.flac (56.06KB)
  • /EDP Hit 12.flac (48.45KB)
  • /EDP Hit 13.flac (47.21KB)
  • /EDP Hit 14.flac (58.64KB)
  • /EDP Hit 15.flac (48.32KB)
  • /EDP Hit 16.flac (53.16KB)
  • /EDP Hit 17.flac (11.69KB)
  • /EDP Hit 18.flac (52.53KB)
  • /EDP Hit 19.flac (51.94KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: loops

  • /EDP Loop 01.flac (152.72KB)
  • /EDP Loop 02.flac (144.50KB)
  • /EDP Loop 03.flac (150.45KB)
  • /EDP Loop 04.flac (204.02KB)
  • /EDP Loop 05.flac (256.86KB)
  • /EDP Loop 06.flac (140.48KB)
  • /EDP Loop 07.flac (176.19KB)
  • /EDP Loop 08.flac (295.08KB)
  • /EDP Loop 09.flac (367.61KB)
  • /EDP Loop 10.flac (310.90KB)
  • /EDP Loop 11.flac (168.47KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: misc

  • /EDP Misc 01.flac (111.69KB)
  • /EDP Misc 02.flac (67.17KB)
  • /EDP Misc 03.flac (63.31KB)
  • /EDP Misc 04.flac (64.17KB)
  • /EDP Misc 05.flac (49.78KB)
  • /EDP Misc 06.flac (50.68KB)

"Experimental Downtempo Pack"
by Apoxode

2019 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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