Break the Silence Event-extended!

Editors' Picks

Like The Shifting Sun

Admiral Bob’s heartfelt blues uses the upcoming Shifting Sun Secret Mixter theme to share the perspective of asylum seekers. Lyrically palpable. Artistically inventive. Musically impeccable. Unreal_DM’s splendid backing track lays the foundation. Take a listen. This one gets a standing ovation.
Kara Square

Le jardin

Bluemillenium’s remixes and cooks Snowflake, Alex and Copperhead music into a huge, warm embrace under a tree in the garden of expectation.

Une énorme étreinte chaleureuse sous un arbre dans le jardin d’attente.

Virtual Gods

by: IS
Thumping dark electronic remix of Psy’Aviah’s powerful, biting vocals that aptly criticize cyber bullying. ingemannStrunch’s arrangement of “Virtual Gods” is a top notch mix and complete with a crazy catchy synth line.
Kara Square


by: Shebbe
This subtle groove expresses weight through weightlessness with simple lines that imply complexity. It’s a dangerous and comforting mix, and a must add to a playlist that would include Nina Simone, Sade, Tom Waits, and…
Play Shed

Adaptation Is Surrender

by: Speck
Folk rock ballad with genuine lyrics, impassioned vocal delivery, and a tasty, mellow backing track. Speck’s vocal additions to Unreal_DM’s instrumental are just what so many of us need… the validation that we’re not alone. Even if we are weirdos.
Kara Square

Menthol (take the chance)

Adult contemporary jazzy lounge mix with dynamic, soulful vocals, delicious guitar, and crisp drums. Admiral Bob’s expansion of Calyman’s instrumental will stir your heart as it reminds you of your inner strength.
Kara Square

Adaptation (Spinningmerkaba)

Sit back with headphones and an open mind — and let the vast vibe of “Adaptation” wash over you while you listen. Zep Hurme’s mix of Spinningmerkaba — in true Pink Floyd meets Peter Gabriel style — will change you for the better.

Adaptation (Snowflake)

Zep Hurme’s reggae dub remix of Madam Snowflake’s brilliant nerdcore lyrics brings the chill. Get into the groove and learn why we all must adapt.
Kara Square

She's Changing

This gospel song mixed by Admiral Bob feels like a warm summer rain after a severe winter. The vocals of Spinningmerkaba are perfectly filled with beautiful guitar licks and a great backing track. Don´t miss this wonderful rock ballad.
Stefan Kartenberg

The Test

It´s soft, it´s warm, it´s JAZZ
A wonderful voice meets a wonderful arrangemant. Aussens@iters remix of Panus “The Test” is an amazingly good ballad. Enjoy it
Stefan Kartenberg


“Adaptation” by Madam Snowflake is a great rock song. I quote: Everything here works so perfectly.
The backing track made by Urmymuse is a guitar rock at its finest.
Listen to the lyrics and think about it.
Stefan Kartenberg

Vol 842_phase 2

A virtual flight, one case of virtual consciousness, a virtual passenger, a real end

Flight 854 passenger 32

Let the Phatman Thru

If the Phatman is any bigger than the blues tones on this track, he won’t fit through the speakers.

Falling for You

by: Rewob
Rewob is on a roll. Listen to Zutsuri’s loverly voice featured in Rewob’s gorgeous, spatial, downtempo jazz mix featuring smoky lounge sax, electric piano and vintage drum machine.

Close My Eyes and See

by: Rewob
Rewob takes Admiral Bobs piano inspiration to another level and up onto a mellow prog rock journey with some outstanding lead guitar work and the addition of the beautiful voice of Ratsouk.