Rooted Rising Secret Mixter

Editors' Picks

I'm Not Sure (Vanished Mix)

Gently flow through your melancholy with the emotive vocals of Mykle Anthony wrapped in the rhythmic musical craftsmanship of Siobhan Dakay. I’m Not Sure is radio ready!

inTENsity secret mixter

Stefan Kartenberg takes Scomber’s pell to a whole new level, with this inTENsity remix with a little help from bangcorrupt.

If this doesn’t have you tapping your toes along with the beat than I guess nothing will. ;)
Mana Junkie

Love Will Be

Dance to this powerful anthem for the heart! Loveshadow wails his raw mantra “Love Will Be My Shield” in this iconic remix of MarleDeszik’s beats and sentiments. Listen and ignite a hope that never dies.

magicmana (everything gonna be sweet)

Turn this UP! DJ Vadim on the mic, urmymuse on the ax and Mana Junkie brings the beats. This hip-hop grimecake will move your heart and your feet, in more ways than one.

Desolate Transition

This downtempo, cinematic ambient track has a slow build that reveals Snowflake’s lush vocals. Cube3 utilizes Zikweb’s hypnotic piano arpeggio in this thoroughly enchanting piece.
Kara Square


Beautifully contemplative, “timebeing” by Airtone featuring Milky Blue will have you floating like clouds and birds on a nostalgic wind. An instrumental track for your reflective playlist.

Yesterdays Blues

Radioontheshelf delivers an inspiring folk rock production of Mr. Yesterday’s blues featuring orchestral accents, lush backup vocals and angst ridden female vocalization. Mr Yesterday’s lost blues are found here in the Magical Hours.

Magic Hours

Spinningmerkaba turns the pages of a beautiful book looking for his girl in the magical hours. Urmymuse’s killer backing track delivers the excellent upbeat, happy vibe.

Into Paradise (Magic Hours secret mix)

by: Rewob
It is no secret that Rewob gently takes us Into Paradise with a magically spatial Sparky remix featuring soaring guitar. BIG & SMOOVE!

Orient Nights

by: zikweb
Lose yourself in the magical sounds of the stereo field in this journey through the rhythmic underground. Zikweb remixes Mesher with instrumental perfection.

My Foolish Secret

Scomber bends the rays of light and time of Snowflake with a dash of Unreal DM into a modern, sassy, downtempo, pop rock, grooove.

Marvin's Island

by: tacet
Catch the island waves with Tacet’s chill, ambient remix of Javolenus’ guitar groove. This relaxing instrumental is fitting for videos, film and games with summer vibes.
Kara Square

Her Silence

by: @nop
Chill out with the cello. This experimental ambient piece features ccMixter celloists: Wolf Sebastian, Anchor, AT, Sangiano and Illusions of Sound. @nop weaves their sounds together to create a hypnotic instrumental that would be fitting for avant-garde film and video.
Kara Square

La baleine

Opening with an atmospheric soundscape featuring Whale Wizard’s whale songs, this riveting remix builds slowly into a long-form electronic art piece. Bluemillenium’s creativity and sonic sensibility shines.
Kara Square


Relax seaside with airtone’s downtempo ambient instrumental featuring the Whale Wizard. This track is perfect background music for film and games that need a chill vibe.
Kara Square