Adaptation Remix Event is History

Editors' Picks

You Don't Get In Touch Anymore(Instrumental)

by: Alex
Here’s an uplifting instrumental with positive vibes that is ready to use in YouTube videos! The electro/acoustic fusion makes Alex’s remix of Javolenus and Martijn de Boer irresistible.
Kara Square

Little Mermaid

Take to the dance floor with this wonderfully crafted remix by the talented Platinum Butterfly featuring spinmeister and Blue Wave Theory. With a mood-setting introduction that leads into rhythms that go deeper and wilder, you will not stop moving until the end of this track. This will be big in Japan!

Mermaids in Japan

Listen to this unique mermaid song! Spinmeister delivers toe tapping, back beat driven music by infusing electronic dance and Japanese music flavors into Blues Wave Theory surf music. The robot mermaid chorus is an especially creative idea that is sure to be replicated in a music venue near you.

One Way

Tobias Weber’s acoustic guitar accompaniment well showcases Fivestar’s heartfelt story of distance between lovers. A loverly, smoove ballad.

Raised Walls

Beautiful and stirring. Powerful and chilling. Marcus JB’s strong vocals deliver a powerful depth to this protest song. Siobhan Dakay’s composition starts with a gentle piano and builds into an epic orchestral masterpiece.
Kara Square


Take a mystical trip to Alaska with SackJo22. Her immersive spoken word piece turns into a groovy djembe melody and then transforms back into a provocative spoken word. Jeris, Haskel,and Smojos accompany her musically with sound effects contributed by Juskidink, Davidou, and Benmaesound of Freesound.
Kara Square

To the Mountain

“Wake me up!” for this dreamy, romantic electro pop love song! Snowflake’s vocal remix of Spinmeister’s electro remix of Blue Wave Theory’s surf rocking song is ccMixter magic at it’s best. SWOOOOOON.
Kara Square


Listen to this powerful and upbeat world music mix by Reiswerk featuring riveting vocals from Afroganic. The catchy and hypnotic beats will make you transfixed! Push play!
Kara Square


The Concept of Energy delivers an exceptionally creative, electro funk arrangement of Snowflake’s Living Nightmare. No matter your personal political nightmare this crazy American election season, The Concept of Energy puts a groove down on Snowflake’s.

Living Nightmare

Today starts four years of a living nightmare so it seems. Thanks for giving us the music and lyrics to comfort us while we hide under the covers, preparing for???

If You Wait For Me

This was worth waiting for: Gentle jazzy sophistication meets the snuggle couch. The Texas Radio Fish take on a gorgeous vocal by Loveshadow to create romance that impresses the brain and the heart!

Hanging Eleven

No frubes or paddlepusses at this party. Kara’s fun use of surf music and slang paints a very colorful beach party image. Catch the wave!

Mr Rabbit

With a trippy vintage 60s flare, Stefan Kartenberg and Silke Schmiemann’s vocal additions to Blue Wave Theory’s instrumental create a must listen mix. Have you seen Mr. Rabbit?
Kara Square

To This

Mellow surf rock RIDE THE WAVE remix featuring Snowflake’s vocals, Blue Wave Theory’s drums and bass, and Aussens@iter’s guitars and remixing prowess. Catchy, perfectly meshed, and just freaking good!
Kara Square

I Miss You (Quintett) no drums

Siobhan Dakay creates a heartfelt remix well built upon Tobias Weber and Martin de Boer’s remixes of Snowflake’s poignant and ageless lament about the failure of yet another politician to be a statesman. Siobhan’s remix is a fine example of ccmixters building upon each other’s works.