Ghost Notes Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Having Fun

Featuring important vocals from the Poet Curious, Ashwan has produced an Irie hip-hop track featuring stems by the talented Scomber and a children’s chorus that sparks the heart. Reminiscent of the most inspirational spoken word tracks by Faithless, “Having Fun” hops with groove while it transforms your soul.

Get Up!

Just love how Kara treated this mix, making it feel rootsy and alive, clean and dance-able. Keeps you moving with a positive vibe. A must add to any groove oriented playlist!

Saint Martins Lane

Scomber rises to the Secret Mixter challenge and lets the words and delivery of Anchor lead him unusually into the shadows. Dark, moody and rich.


Onlymeith + Vidian = MASSIVE DANCE PARTY. If you’re in need of an awesome burst of energy, push play!
Kara Square
Play 1033

Love Shadow (Remix Safety Guide)

Rocavaco takes us on a magically rhythmic journey through the Land of Loveshadow complete with a humorous satirical guide to remixing best practices. Reuben Rogers’ bass provides a wonderfully solid foundation for this mashup.

no one really truely

The unique glimmer of the guitars of urmymuse adds a layer of passion and drive to source material from Robbero in a propulsive and powerful track that defies genre-labeling.

This track is a beautiful example of the magic of the Secret Mixter event from which random pairings generate some of the finest music ccMixter has to offer.

You Cost A Fortune

by: panu
Panu has created a most excellent adventure with this minimal blues rock remix of Kristen Hersh’s Fortune. Panu has nailed the “you cost a fortune” sentiment with this powerfully seductive quiet storm.

Make a Change (Jazzy mix)

by: CSoul
CSoul lays down a fabulously bluesy jazz funk fusion version of Snowflake’s Make a Change. A delightful listening experience.

Denk an dich

This lovely pop rock lullaby is reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins “1979.” It’s a stunning collaboration featuring Unreal_dm’s beautiful instrumental and Stefan Kartenberg’s dreamy vocals.
Kara Square

Blue Bison (punk fantasie)

by: Speck
If I could choose one track to carry with me into the post-Apocalyptic haze it would be this tome to rhythms from all seven continents… filtered through Speck’s exquisite production sense.


Fell Out Of The Sky (Andy's Liquid Mix w/stems)

Catchy EDM pop rock with exciting beats, tons of great build, and featuring awesome vocals by State Shirt. Push play: if you’re not dancing, your head will certainly be nodding along…
Kara Square

Heads Held High with urmymuse

Listen to this powerful pop rock collaboration with urmymuse’s classic soaring guitars and timberman’s strong vocal delivery and smart, but accessible lyrics. Exciting sound!
Kara Square

Supernatural (mash-up)

by: Speck
The best of the best of the best… Speck’s mash-up of snowflake’s vocal based Vibhu Tewary’s words and vocals is nothing short of masterful. Featuring ccMixter greats: Geert Veneklaas, Dysfunction_AL, spinmeister, and Jihfa. Submerge your ears in this captivating remix of a remix of a remix…
Kara Square

Somethin' Bout Me

1st: This is Not Safe for Work. Now… this hip-hop remix is KILLER. The awesome rap by Eddie Bingo is perfectly remixed by Kruzzial. Crazy cool. Crazy fun. Dig.
Kara Square

That'd B U

Superbly classy and sexy Loveshadow tune. Outstanding clarity of mix. It’s a good lesson on classic “less is more” and also how to treat less than optimal vocal recordings.
Zep Hurme