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The Light

Traditional country music might be hard to find at ccmixter, but arguably, nobody does it better than Unreal DM, who matches the inspired vocals by SackJo22 with another incredible backing track. A showcase track for both the source artist and the producer.
MC Jack in the Box

Soul Scratchers

Shagrugge is the Master of cutting and slicing grooves. His latest “Soul Scratchers” proves my point.
A bit hip hop, trip hop, jazz, jungle, funk, smooth grooves, break beats and a touch of love.
Believe Ya’ll.

Walk On Essen11

There once was a music called “soul” - for the definition you can either look it up in an encyclopedia or you can listen and groove on this track. Your choice.

mykle has uploaded dozens of great original productions, but using samples from zikweb has brought out his amazing vocal and mixing skills like never before.

Slanted Voices

Just an amazing sonic rollercoaster ride through the mind of Travis Morgan aka morgantj.
MC Jack in the Box

Death March To Sun Fun City

by: RUIN
Ok guys..If it is too hard to wake up this morning, add this in your coffee..if you like it more Rock..of course.!
ditto ditto

Ice and Chilli

by: _ghost
A testament to the fundamental premise of CC Mixter, a whole dusty jigsaw box of samples , sounds and flavours. A picture where the missing pieces are recut shaped and coloured by a passing Ghost

I Want To Shout Out (7OOP3D Shouda Louda Mix)

by: 7OOP3D
It’s pretty hard to sit still to this incredible dance track. play it loud and proud.
MC Jack in the Box

Since Ive been loving you

Typically, many of the best remixes and ed picks involve many hours spent arranging and tweeking tracks, crafting the best possible track. But sometimes, an artist gets inspired by another’s fine work/contribution here, or as victor likes to say “adds to the conversation” by getting inspired to write a new song, and Scomber flawlessly executes this here in one take. Who could imagine an aussie surfer pulling this off. With huge kudos to old Dog for the backing music.
MC Jack in the Box

This is on the stairs

A rockin bass hook, a great singer, an amazing song plus a gifted, creative producer - these are the far flung elements put together by Nuerowaxx to make a solid, indie radio ready rock song - solid from first note to last.

don't you run (jazz mix)

by: oldDog
How could one not love this smooth jazz groove from Old Dog and Calling Sister Midnight. As smooth as a chilled glass of fine wine. This one goes down easy and leaves you with a sweet buzz. Like Duckett Says. Ed Pick

Listen To Me

In jazz there is no “analog” or “digital”, there is only jazz. Here The.Spirit.of.Light envelops the wonderful vocal in a meaty and propulsive yet smooth jazz homage. Delightful, “live” and definitely real.

Deep in ya self DjiZ RmX

by: Kwame
It’s bolly-hop - East meets Sac in DjiZ’s very clever and awesomely groovy remix of FORENSEC’s powerful lyrics about life in the streets vs. just surviving. Great message, great presentation.


Delightfully fresh, simple under produced , under 2 minute, 2 track mix , fitting for a first love, teen rom com.


“You better Listen to Me”. The vocals are “a little like Sadé”. The remix has moody touches of trip-hop and nu-jazz. Who would expect anything less than perfect chill from fourstones?

On Your Grave

A straight ballad that succeeds in bringing a touch of class to the site with the (eventually) soaring strings over a top flight kit arrangement.

This production doesn’t use samples from the site aside from queeniemusic’s brilliant a cappella, but all the original samples for it are now available here at the site… let the conversation continue…