Perfect Harmony Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Maybe I Should Stay

by: dabra
dabra takes Calling Sister Midnight on a trip down analog memory lane in this stunning and very cool arrangement, just a perfect backdrop for this excellent vocal track. Maybe you should stay.
MC Jack in the Box

Easy Killer (dogmix)

by: oldDog
oldDog wraps long time mixter favorite chanteuse Lisa DeBenedictis into an exquisitely crafted and comforting sonic blanket of mesmerizing patterns.

Impromptu in A

Grounded by Bill Ray’s exquisitely fine drumming and error404’s wicked bass, DoKashiteru takes us on a journey through the world of the hottest jazz club where the hippest hip cats gotta’ move to the groove, to that sublime moment when you just say “ah” because you heard something so, so pretty.

These Are The Moments

I have no idea what part i played in helping this lingering tidal composition fly but those are the breaks and these are the moments.

It fits a recent fitting 2010 quote i posted by Tom Hanks in the film Castaway i heard the other week :

`And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?’

All the best for 2010. LS

I Dont Know

by: Vidian
Vidian’s stellar groove mastery mashes up Colab, Kaer Trouz, and Calling Sister Midnight, with a twist of Ivan Chew.

Struck by an instinctive rhythm, a sultry siren calls me into a dark club, dressed with red velvet couches. I order a martini, and the voice morphs, soothing and swank. The black lights spin and the energy continues to pull at my root, lifting, lifting, lifting. At last, I am inevitably drawn by the constant, subtle groove to the dance floor, lost in intoxicating motion……

Recycle This

If i had a say, i’d make this the theme song for the Biodiesel conference. Since I can’t do that, this seemed like a good alternative.
MC Jack in the Box


Love makes the world go round, and this remix by wellman will set you spinning, featuring outstanding vocals by Mykle Anthony. Not much else to add but this track is loved by me.
MC Jack in the Box
Play Loved

THE Reason ! ( Somthin Special)

My Light Skin Soul Brother from the other side of the pond, has given us another piece of ear candy. A soulful treat with a Luther Vibe by way of Frank H. Carter aka Songboy3. Something Special indeed with backing vocals from Mr.Loveshadow himself. As we say on this side of the pond, “It’s A Hot One Baby”

I know

All I know is that Scomber has taken a group of seemingly random source tracks from the archive and crafted this amazing piece of songwriting. Let this show aspiring songwriters and vocalists how ccmixter can inspire new songs through the contributions of the various source artists in the archive. This I know.
MC Jack in the Box

Disko tanz

Just freakin Brilliant.

And top marks for making so many outstanding samples available to the CC Mixter Crew.

Gotta Catch Em All.

Arrive, Dreams, Arrive.

Just some delicate notes of piano (DoKashiteru), the ethereal voice of Anchor Mejan and the crystalline voice of KaerTrouz for another flight in the sky. Magical..!!!!
ditto ditto

Silent Night

The only disappointing thing about this great piece of international collaborative work is no one asked me to be a part of it.:-(

But then the up-side is i am gladly free from the involvement to be able Ed Pick it.

Well done to everyone who’s helped make it and to MC Jack for such a united and spirited mix.


Sometimes a gorgeous mix like this just grabs your ears and whispers “listen… and listen closely”

Lazarus (Act 1 + 2)

Internal Faith Relation brings the big audio dynamite to the anger and angst that is Suzy Q. Smith. This is is the kind of track that makes you want to get out of your chair and smack some sense into somebody.
MC Jack in the Box

U TERU S . Birth of Souls

As we celebrate 5 years of the goodness of ccmixter, this Secret Mixter track pairs up arguably ccmixter’s 2 finest producers and the result is what you’d expect. Exceptional.
MC Jack in the Box