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Editors' Picks

Let's Just Go

No brainer, lumps of Springsteen, and Lou Reed stirred into a reflective coffee cup.

Thelma and Louise for the boys.

Independence Day

From the deep melodies to the stylish lo-fi electronic delivery this track offers more than the sum of its parts in true DoKashiteru style.

Sooner or Later

A timelesslike drift of sound and changing beats. You cant go far wrong with using any of Trifonics production values and a Christina Courtin vocal in a mix but Geert matches that with some beautiful chord and sound choices.

Our Voices Shall Be Heard

Radiotimes takes an incredible and inspirational vocal track by Frank H. Carter III and lifts it to a higher level. to the protesters in iran, your voices shall be heard.
MC Jack in the Box

Saturday (9 to 5 Euphoria Horn Mix)

“Just be funky” is the prime directive of the Universal Remix Law (that I just made up) and KC adheres to both the spirit and the letter of that law with a swirling, erotic, hip-grinder.

To paraphrase the lyric: Damn you’re funky.

Small Bits Of Pieces

- a very smooth ballad and superbly, melancholy combination from Subliminal -

Hear Us Now (poptastic mix)

everything here, from the guitar to the trumpet to Jacinda’s vocals can be summed up in 2 words. feel good. this should be played at every cool party this weekend.
MC Jack in the Box

Sola Solita

One of the most infectious grooves i have heard on CC to date.

Moody, sexy, contemporary with a hint of old school Jon B.

Lip lickin Good.

In the dark but not alone

stunning in it’s simplicity, sometimes some of the best work only requires 2 tracks.
MC Jack in the Box


by: AT
At times frantic, at times delicate - a great mixer working with Colin’s angst-ful wonderful spoken work. This combination is my drug of addiction.

gros bon ange_PoP_MiX

Very easy on the ears. An addicting, first rate production. A great melody by singer-songwriter-pianist-accordionist-incantrix jacinda espinosa transformed into a incredibly catchy PoP MiX by wellman.


by: Alex
Just the full package. Outstanding vocals by Natalie Brown & Y Niazi deliciously mixed by one of the mixter’s hottest producers. Infectious, funky, groovy.
MC Jack in the Box


Tekno Eddy gives mixter favorite Lisa D the DnB treatment in this etheral and high energy brilliant daze of a remix.
MC Jack in the Box


Polished production values and a trunk full of deep intent, load Panus vocal into the atmosphere of a Deep South road flick and drives it all clean out of the state.

First class work.
Play Nine

Qualquiehmohtreta (East Flavour Mix)

an incredible brazilian hip hop track in the thirteenth monkey groove style.