Thanks to the community at ccMixter for all the inspiring remixes and support! We wouldn’t be here without ccMixter… seriously, that was our first real step as Trifonic.
- B. Trifon

Trifonic are brothers Brian and Laurence Trifon. Their music blends manipulated ambient sounds and synths with live guitars, strings and other instruments to create an alternative electronica sound distinctly their own. After working as a guitarist and programmer for electronic artist BT, Brian teamed up with Laurence in 2007 and composed several contest winning, standout remixes for ccMixter and licensed music to TV shows including CSI.

According to LT: “the impact of CC has been huge for Trifonic.” Read more about the making of Emergence, their working methods and why they chose to put the album into the Commons in the Trifonic Spotlight Q & A

They have put the solo studio tracks from their debut album Emergence, into the Commons. Including a cappellas by Amelia June, Christina Courtin and David Forest.

Download high quality MP3s of the a cappellas and preview samples from Trifonic’s profile page.

For uncompressed full tracks use the links below:

Emergence (149.4MB)

Broken (127.5MB) (68.4MB)

Parks On Fire (155.1MB)

Infiltration (32.8MB)

Lies (124MB) (55.3MB)

Transgenic (109.5MB) (41.4MB)

Sooner Or Later (135.5MB) (70.2MB)

Vacuum Tree (60.8MB)

Good Enough (111.1MB) (16MB)

These tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.