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Trackback Reminder

Kara Square
permalink   Sun, Oct 21, 2012 @ 10:59 AM
This is a reminder to reiterate SackJo22’s announcement about trackbacks. ccMixter continues to receive tons of trackbacks that link our music to its use around the web. SackJo22 eloquently explains why you should be proactive and check out your trackbacks in her original announcement:

“As you may know, ccMixter is one of the preeminent sources for music used by video makers world-wide — videos that get posted to youtube, vimeo, etc. In addition, ccMixter music regularly finds its way into productions/remixes and podcasts shared on sites other than ccMixter. We receive hundreds of trackback notification requests weekly. You may have even received such a trackback notification that one your tracks was used outside of ccMixter (which I always find exciting!).

When processing the trackback requests, the admins look to make sure the link is valid, but given the number of trackbacks we receive, right now we are simply not able to follow up on each trackback to ensure use complies with license terms. We do encourage you, however, that as the license-holder and creator of your work, to be proactive in ensuring license compliance when you receive a trackback — i.e. proper Attribution for you and all other contributors in your track as well as linking back to the song page at You may discover someone has used one of your tracks even without receiving a trackback, here again we encourage you to be proactive about helping educate folks about CC license compliance — remember, attribution is currency!

If you find that your work is not being used in accordance with the assigned CC license, please follow up with the person who posted the video or remix or podcast. I have had to reach out several times when tracks were not properly attributed, and I have found most people gladly make corrections to ensure proper attribution.”

In summary, we will approve trackbacks when the link is valid and it is up to YOU to make sure they comply with your chosen license. We have recently found some YouTube videos that potentially exploit the specified CC license of tracks (usually they do not provide attribution or they have a commercial attached to the video and the music is licensed NC). It is up to you to contact the creator of the video, etc. to ask them to comply. Admiral Bob posted an excellent announcement outlining a suggested way to contact the person infringing upon your work. Another option is that you can issue a takedown notice under the DMCA to YouTube. Here’s a link to directions on how to notify YouTube of copyright infringement:

It’s amazing and exciting to see the variety of ways our music is used and expanded upon. Now we just have to educate the people who use our music and make sure they understand how Creative Commons works! Best wishes to everyone!
permalink   Mon, Oct 29, 2012 @ 1:56 PM
I love it each time I get a trackback. I always check the URL to make sure I see my track used there, and check for proper Attribution and Commercial Use. If one of those things is missing, I email or post on the page (Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc) and ask them to Attribute, link to the songpage at ccM and disable ads (or get a ccPlus license — that is still in early development so more on that soon!). Thanks Kara and Susan for keeping us on top of this!